4.3 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings)
Furious Space

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Furious Space is game where you destroy enemies and upgrade your ship in this funky chunky monkey space battle game. Three furious bosses are waiting to kick your butt! Shoot'em up like there is no tomorrow. Will you survive the alien onslaught for long enough to kill the Bosses... or will you go the way of the dodos and be a humorous sidenote in the history books of the alien invaders who slaughtered you?

Controls of the Game

Space – Shop

M – Toggle sound

P – Pause

Esc – Main menu

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

It's pretty easy - you don't even need to aim or shoot. Simply fly your space ship near the enemy and it targets them and shoots them dead. Its a custom targetting system developed by Frook Inc

game review

Furious Space is an awesome game where you fly a ship in order to kill enemys. Game is pretty easy overall and can be finished in matter of minutes. But its really fun and addictive game. I'm sure you will have much fun with it as much as I had. Try to beat my highest score if you dare?