Monday, February 18, 2019
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The Importance of Charging Your Phone Often

Have you ever been in a bad situation where you were out and about and needed to use your phone, but you discover that your phone was completely dead? For example, you can be out somewhere and see a child in a hot car and need to call for help. According to, about 36 children die every year from being left in a hot car. In these types of situations, you want to have access to a phone immediately due to a true emergency. What do you do in these types of situations? Some of the things you can do is look elsewhere for a phone. Walk to the nearest location and ask others to borrow their phones. Of course, asking some stranger to borrow their phone is never a fun thing. It can also be very shameful asking a stranger to borrow their phone, since their phone is a very personal item. Well, the most important thing to take from these bad situations are learning from them. For example, lately smartphones particularly have been having issues with battery life. It is important to charge your mobile device as often as possible to prevent battery life failure.

It is important to keep your phone charged whenever you can to prevent your phone from dying. Many people don’t realize the importance of keeping your phone charged as much as you can. If you’re at home or the office, instead of keeping your phone on the desk uncharged, it is effortless to simply plug it in to charge if you are not using it. Also, often people have a ton of background apps running that cause your phone to utilize maximum battery. It is important to make sure you close out all those backgrounds running apps to prevent your phone from dying faster. There are websites available that you can research that offer tips on how you can prevent your phone from dying faster. Supposedly the recent software updates with Apple were supposed to assist to improve your phone. However, many noticed a change within their software update iOS 10.3 battery drain.

Many people found that in addition to fixing common bugs found on the phones, it caused more of an issue with their phone, because their phone started to constantly die on them. Thus, there was a need to constantly keep their phone charged. You can still be proactive in trying to reserve your battery life by simply doing small things like closing out your apps and being consistent with that. When you run an app and don’t completely close it out it continues to run and use up your battery life. People heavily rely on their smartphones and constantly use them so there is also that cause for the increase in battery usage. According to, 77 percent of adults reported having smartphone that they utilize daily. Many people utilize their phone for doing everyday tasks from paying bills to banking. The effect of the software update in addition to extreme usage equals a faster battery drain. Therefore, more charging is necessary.

Remember charging your phone around the clock is necessary. You never want to be in a position of not being able to use your phone due to battery life. The usage of your phone can dictate life or death when you are put in that situation. Always plan and make sure you always have battery.

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