What Do You Know About Health

What Do You Know About Health

6 Major Ways Water Is Essential to Health

We are all aware that drinking water on a regular basis is beneficial to the body. However, most of us may not realize the importance of proper hydration to our health. Truth is, each system in the human body is counting on water to function. About two-thirds of the adult human body is essentially water. This makes hydration is vital to life.

These are the six ways adequate hydration will enhance your health:

Better Brain Function

Because your brain is mainly water, drinking it helps you in several ways, including:

Enhancing focus, cognition and memory

Controlling mood and emotion

Reinforced blood flow and oxygen to the brain

Headache prevention and relief

Stress handling

Weight Management

Drinking water helps you shed unwanted weight by working as an effective appetite suppressant, so you will feel fuller sooner and eat less! Water aids you in eliminating excess weight by serving as an appetite suppressant so you will feel fuller faster and eat less! Water helps you lose unneeded weight by functioning as an appetite suppressant that gives you a fuller feeling faster, and hence, you eat less! It prevents fluid retention as well since your body won’t have to retain water if it’s getting sufficient volumes of it. Your cravings can be managed by simply drinking more water. Moreover, according to multiple studies, drinking a large, cool glass of water will invigorate your metabolism by 24-30% for as long as 90 minutes.


Through your body fluids, waste products in your body move to and from your cells while your liver and kidneys flush out such impurities from your body. However, such a process is only going to work efficiently with proper hydration. Without enough water in your body, you face a higher risk of developing kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Good Bowel Movement

Adequate hydration keeps things moving in your gastrointestinal tract and helps promote regular bowel movement. Water helps break down waste particles and smoothly delivers them down your digestive tract. If you’re dehydrated, your body will pull water from your stools, making your colon dry and passing waste more difficult.

Healthier Muscles

Being hydrated enough is very important for those who exercise who work out. By drinking water, you help lube your joints and avoid muscle cramping. In addition, drinking water can actually increase your muscles strength. Water transports oxygen to your cells, which, of course, include your muscles. With proper hydration, your muscles can work much longer and harder, which only means that water helps you build more muscle as part of your fitness goals.

Young-Looking Skin

Lastly, your skin is abundant in water and serves as a protective barrier that blocks too much fluid loss. When you drink lots of water, your skin cells are hydrated and plumped up, and that makes you look younger. Water helps to restore moisture in your skin tissues as well as increases skin elasticity. It also eliminates impurities and boosts blood flow, making your skin glow.

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What Do You Know About Health