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How to Hire a Good Photographer

Digital photography has made it easier for anyone with a nice camera to act like a pro photographer. But really, what makes a good photographer?

Below are important considerations to be made before you hire a photographer:


Checking a prospective photographer’s portfolio is the first thing you need to do. Focus on the consistency in lighting, edits, color and overall quality of the pictures. Spend more time inspecting pictures of sessions or events like the one you’re hiring for.

For instance, if you’re planning on a family shoot, look for family photo sessions on the photographer’s website. Some photographers actually specialize in certain niches, such as wedding photography, food photography, and others. It logically follows that their expertise levels on the several areas of photography vary.


This can be crucial. No two photographers are ever the same, regardless if they use exactly the same equipment. More than capturing a specific moment in time, photography reflects the photographer’s perception and creativity. In other words, each photographer has his own style, which is evident in the angles he chooses, his compositions, edits, lighting and other elements. Pick a photographer whose style appeals to you.


Happy clients usually enjoy sharing their positive experiences with other people. Ask for recommendations from your family and friends. Maybe they’ve hired a photographer who impressed them with the outcome. Also check out your prospect’s Facebook or Yelp pages and scan the reviews. It would be great to ask a few of their clients about their experiences with the photographer.


Not all excellent photographers have a college degree in photography. However, experience is a must. How many professional shoots have they done? How many years have they spent in professional photography? What is their specialty? What equipment do they have? Did they complete any post-production programs? You have to know it all.

The Business Side

Choose a photographer who isn’t only a good photographer but a professional one too. They must be organized with their pricing, shoot schedules, editing timelines and he rest. Do they talk to you in a way that you understand? Are they accommodating?

Moreover, pick a photographer who is familiar with the location of the shoot, and with the people they should approach if they need to ask questions in terms of location, scheduling etc.).

Personal Chemistry

Lastly, find a photographer you think you’ll like. Having great rapport with this professional can be crucial. If you’re not happy with them, that could ruin your mood, and this will reflect in the photos.

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