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How To Claim Unpaid Wages In California

Grappling with unpaid wages is a common occurrence and it affects even the very best of us. Even though there is a chance that the situation may turn from bad to worse, it is important to do something and claim your unpaid wages. This is actually money owed to you for services you offered after all. Find below some guidelines to claiming unpaid wages in California.

Begin by carrying out research. Find out more on how to deal with this from people close to you that have had to do this before. Use the internet to understand a lot more about this. Make use of the social media platforms, online forums, and blogs to see what more you can learn about this. Find out more from the reviews and feedback from people that have had to do this before.

It is very important to contact your employer and ask for your unpaid wages. Write a letter or email and send it. Write a very articulate letter with all the information that you have and attach proof if you have any. Copy the letter to the leader of your trade union as well as that will have you covered on all sides. Be sure to copy the letter to the head to the trade union you belong to so as to keep them informed, you might need their input later on. Be clear on the letter the time you are to move on to the next step.

After you have contacted your employer and talked about the pending payment and he does nothing, you can now go ahead and involve a third party. There are conciliation services you can hire so that they could come in as a third party and try to find a solution or you could go for a local trade union. You will need to have all the information that will be needed to prove your claims so that they can help you, this means having your appointment letter and pay slips.

When it hits three months before you get your wages paid, you will not be allowed to take your case to the employment tribunal, you need to do this earlier. The deadline is on the 29th day of the third month and not anything past that. You can still involve the employment tribunal while the third party is still trying to get you a solution but it seems to bear no fruit. These cases most times don’t run their full course because settlements are reached by the parties and the cases are, therefore, withdrawn.

In case you do take the case to the employment tribunal, you will need someone to represent you. If you think you can do it, you can represent yourself or you could find a lawyer to do that for you. In some situations where you cannot prove your relationship with your employer, there would have to be a hearing to get that sorted first before you can proceed to the main hearing.

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